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Usually fansites do the guides and Game Studios usually either laugh at your incompetence or cheer at your success (behind the scenes of course). Today, TERA released a whole strong of dungeon guides, and as someone who writes them for many games, these are pretty good! They offer a complete sense of the dungeon with boss strategies, lore and a complete overview of the whole instance.

Jeeze EnMasse, talk about doing my job for me! Nice work guys. The only thing they are missing are loot lists. Here’s what they have up so far:

Bastion of Lok
Sinestral Manor
Cultists’ Refuge
Necromancer Tomb
Sigil Adstringo
Golden Labyrinth

Keep an eye on this page for more dungeon guides as they complete them.

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Within TERA, Player Versus Player combat (PVP) adds an entirely complete layer of content to the game.  With an action based game such as TERA it’s possible for a highly skilled player to take on players with much better gear, or a level or two over their range and win.  However, a character’s level does matter quite a lot within their system. So, if you find yourself up against someone more than a few levels higher then you the best course of action is to leave and find some help.  TERA currently has four PVP enabled servers – Basilisk Crag, Feral Valley, Jagged Coast, and Valley of Titans. On these servers there are quite a few ways that PVP is implemented.

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Enmasse Studios treated us to the release of their Premium Services and Novelty Item cash shop this week. They have a ton of services that have been around the MMORPG arena for some time now. These changes are:

  • Name Change Voucher – Sometimes naming your character after a few beers is not the best time.
  • Appearance Voucher – Get back into the character creator and re-design your Popori’s tail.
  • Gender Change Voucher – No one will judge you.
  • Race Change Voucher – Your back hurting you? Maybe you should of rolled a Castanic.

Each service is progressively more expensive, which make sense. A race change lets you do change your appearance, race and gender, a gender change lets you change both your gender and appearance. There has been much frothiness over on the official forums where many are complaining about the prices. To us, the prices seem normal compared to World of Warcraft’s offerings.

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FOV = 100>

FOV = 60>


TERA uses the Unreal graphics engine and along with that come some tweaks. Some tweaks are cosmetic, others over ride your default graphic card settings, but the below tweaks will make you play better by unlocking your FPS, providing a wider view, and preventing mouse lag. All are great improvements whether you are a seasoned TERA player that’s been in every beta, or someone new to the world.

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The much anticipated political system is coming to TERA shortly. Friday, May 18th, guilds will able to decalre their candidacy. You can read the full instruction on TERA’s Official home page. Here are some quick details you should know:

Elected vanarchs can collect taxes from vendor shops, set tax rates, decide which specialty shops to open in a province, and gain fame for themselves as well as their guilds. Vanarchs will be known across the realm—hopefully for good reasons!

There are three parts to the political cycle: the registration stage, the voting stage, and the reign stage. The registration and voting stage last one week each, while the reign stage lasts for three weeks and overlaps the next occurring registration and voting stage.

The registration stage is when guild leaders can announce their candidacy. So, if you want to run for a vanarch position, you will have one week to fulfill the registration requirements: be at least a level 50 character who is the leader of a level three guild with at least 20 members, and pay a candidacy fee of 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach awards. We’ll close applications at 6:00 PM Pacific on May 25.

This should be an interesting gameplay mechanic to track. Outside some smaller niche games, no other AAA MMORPG has attempted to create a system where a single player can control large portions of a single server. Stay tuned here at TERA-Junkies as we bring you election results and perhaps some future political campaigns?

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Following in the tradition of other Junkies Nation sites, such as Rift Junkies and Guildwars2 Junkies, TERA-Junkies is a premiere fansite, run by hardcore fans for all fans. We will be dedicated to bringing you all the guides, news, and up-to-date happenings of all TERA. TERA took the internet by storm earlier this month and the game’s amazing combat and action-packed gameplay is too hard to ignore. From here on out, we hope that will be your go-to website for everything you could possibly need for TERA.

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