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S01E22 title screen

This week we sit down with Mark Jacobs and discuss his Kickstarter project: Camelot Unchained. Our conversation ranges from what to expect in the game to going over his founding principles and getting to the bottom of what he wants his game to become. Camelot Unchained looks to bring old school RVR/PVP ideals to a modern game. While not shooting for a AAA game created to support millions of players; Mark Jacobs hopes to fashion a game for RVR players only. Not sacrificing design to make everyone happy, Camelot Unchained hopes to bring RVR to its niche market.

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S01E21 Title Screen

Watch Draegan and Clementine go at it as they discuss the PVP news of the week across multiple MMORPGs. This week we discuss Camelot Unchained and if it will meet it’s goals and why CU is worth watching. We also touch upon TESO, Wildstar’s Warplots and what makes them interesting to us.

Keep your eyes here for all future MMORPG PVP news on GUILDCENTER. Hit continue reading to watch this week’s episode.

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Hey everyone, many of you might be familiar with the full Junkies Nation network where we attempt to create fansites from every MMOG out there. As our network grows, so do my responsibilities. Because of this we have begun our very own Affiliate Operator program.

To break it down simply, Junkies Nation is looking for people who have the desire to run, operate and create content for Defiance Junkies. This means Defiance Junkies is your site to run as you see fit under our guidelines. In turn you get web development, hosting, developer access (Hi Lance!), promotional support that includes cross-platform with our sites as well as outside sources of promotion.

As the Senior Editor of Junkies Nation, I can’t be across our network every day, all the time and we’re looking for a bright, creative and hard working person to run Defiance Junkies for us. In return for all your hardwork, you then begin to share in the site’s profits earning up to 60% of the revenue generated on the site.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program, along with the details, please contact me at

Thanks everyone!

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S01E17 Title Screen

This week we have some fun discussing some post drama shenanigans with Aneu, GM of VotF and AGM Evoex of LotD. Along with our discussion about the ascendance of Blackgate and the downfall of Sea of Sorrows we discuss the future of the game and touch a little on ArcheAge.

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You may of noticed a new URL of this website up in the navigation bar! We’ve transitioned to a new network where all of our fansites are on the same domain. This doesn’t change anything for you externally but helps those of us who bring you new content organize things better. This is only the beginning and we plan on bring you, the fans, some exciting new things that will include a brand new website called which will cover everything from MMORPGs and the lifestyle that comes with them (yes, that means Cheetos, Mountain Dew and comic books).

For now sit tight and keep enjoying the daily content you get from our writers. For us, we’ll get back to work. If you see any problems or issues, please send all feedback to Ryan Raplee at

Cheers everyone!