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Hello, folks! As we work towards next week’s server merges, we have more details on some of the most asked questions and new information to share. We will continue to update you as more become available. We are excited for the positive changes it will create and our ability to be more interactive with our community.

In addition, the server merge process will free up the dormant names that have not been used since Open Beta Test. We also have a comprehensive FAQ page on server merges for quick and easy answers.

Name Appeal Process & Cosmetic Items

We have created a name appeal process that will help folks who are concerned with the character and guild names. We will publish the criteria after the server merge to prevent potential abusing, but please be assured that there will be an appeal process where this concern will be addressed based on several factors. As for the cosmetic items on extra characters outside of the 8 character slots, we want to do what’s fair and right, and will handle these on case by case basis with our Support team.

Character Slots and 7-day Timer for Level 6+ Characters

If you have more than 8 characters, you will need to choose 8 characters you wish to keep. There is no timer to delete the character that are level 5 or lower, but characters with higher levels will be put under a 7-day timer. If you have items that you want to keep on the extra characters, you can utilize the 7-day timer to organize inventory space and gold. You can put the level 6 and up character you want to keep under the 7-day timer, and log into the character you won’t be using in the future to transfer items/gold. After you’ve sorted them out, you can log out to the character screen, delete the character you won’t be using, then cancel the 7-day timer for the character you actually want to keep. As long as the extra characters are under the 7-day timer or are already deleted, you will be able to log in and play.

Still, we encourage everyone to sort everything out before the merge to avoid unnecessary work and confusion on the day of merge, and since the characters will be gone after the 7-day timer.

Next Political Cycle Will Begin Next Week

We will be disabling the political system at 6PM PDT tomorrow (Thursday, 9/13/12). This is to prevent the new registration period kicking in on Friday as we prepare for the server merges next week. We will be actively refunding the gold and Catharnach awards for the current vanarchs since their term got cut short, and the uncollected taxes will be mailed automatically.

Another point to note is that until new vanarchs are elected, we will manually enable all vanarch vendors in all zones for your convenience.

Celestial Hills is included in these changes so that all servers will have the same political cycles.

Known Issues

On the character select screen, sometimes the nameplate of a character shifts its location or fall off from the designated spot above the character’s head. But it does not have a functional impact such as preventing the character from entering the world, etc.

When replying to an in-game mail, the player cannot write a message back to the sender if the sender has changed his/her name. Parcels will be received correctly and COD’s will work as well.

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Upcoming Patches:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

Zerker fix will happen just not with this next update.

Summer Fun:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

We have a plan for the swimsuits but probably will be in August. Hopefully we can get you the details in mid-July.

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Originally posted by Charger (Source)

Hey guys,

We know there’s a lack of rare crystals and are working on a couple of solutions to get them into the game in the near future. I don’t want to go into specifics until we finalize exactly what we’re doing and get the build in house to test, but expect to hear more on this in the very near future (1-2 weeks max).


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Originally posted by Charger (Source)

For masterwork items, when you seal and unseal an item you have a chance to either get a 1%, 2% or 3% attribute bonus. This is why ya’ll are seeing differences in the base stats and attributes.

When we were digging into this more, we found that some weapons don’t have a 1% bonus, but instead only do 2% or 3%. We’ve started tracking this as a bug and BHS is looking into it now.


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With the first billing cycle now going into effect, it appears EME is having a lot of issues with accounts and game access. Here is what Brian Knox has to say with respect to the situation:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

11:00am Update:
We are starting to grant temporary access to the game for those that are experiencing issues via a global fix (rather than on a case-by-case basis).

Some additional info:
- For those with multiple accounts you will have to manually apply this access to each account within your En Masse account.

- Issues with subscription renewals are still being resolved while we have this temporary access allowed.

- This process will be ongoing. If your subscription expires it can take up to an hour for the system to recognize it and automatically resolve it.

We will follow up when this initial process is complete. We hope to have game access completely resolved in the next couple of hours.

10:11am Update:
Please do not worry about the Golden Dragon skins – these issues will not affect your receipt of these items we will make sure you are taken care of.

Initial Update:
We are immediately working to grant you access to the game so that your are not blocked from playing the game while we address the other issues with subscriptions.

I will update this post as we know more.

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There was a topic of discussion on the official forums regarding Dungeon Finder queue times and the lack of tanks. Here is a comment from Game Designer Brian Knox on the issue:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

The instance matcher queues are cross-server. PvE is all matched up and PvP is all matched up. The issue is tanks not population. We know it sucks and we are working on getting warriors balanced and able to queue to help speed up the times.

We’ve already mentioned that EME wants to balance Warriors for PUG tanking by the end of the summer. However, we do pick up a small detail that, if you haven’t already figured it out, tells us that PVE and PVP servers are in different pools for the dungeon finder. It’s a curious choice from the developers to segregate both segments of players. One would think that they would want to create the largest pool of players possible for their system. Perhaps it has something to do with the upcoming Battlegrounds and separating PVP players and PVE players. What do you think?

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From Sr Producer, Brian Knox regarding Warrior queuing as a tank:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

Warriors were designed to be tanks but the skill required is a bit much, especially for a PUG.

We hope to have a solution and allow warriors to join the tank queue by end of summer.

On Nexus release time:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

Very soon. Very, very soon.

On Battleground release time:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

>We are working hard for the end of summer release of battlegrounds. In the short term we are working on getting GvG on the PvE servers which should be a fun semi-organized PvP experience for those servers.

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Yesterday, TERA came down for emergency unscheduled maintenance to patch an exploit discovered in the enchanting system. There were people who discovered a way to enchant their weapons from +6 to +9 bypassing the cost and failure. En Masse had this to say in response:

Originally posted by Charger (Source)

Hey all,

I want to chime in on this because this is something that everyone is clearly passionate about (as am I.) The maintenance we had early was to address the exploit to stop people from using it.

We’re currently in the exploration phase to see how widespread this exploit was, who used it, and where the items are now. Once we gather this data we’ll be taking care of it. We have to understand and be confident we’re changing the right people and equipment and not potentially punishing innocent people because we wanted a quick answer vs. the right one.

Rest assured we’ll let everyone know what we found and what actions we took in the near future.


What we need to watch out for is how accurate TERA is with their banhammer and rollbacks.

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Originally posted by Scapes (Source)

Greetings, fellow soldiers! Tamur, Kaiator’s force commander, here. We’re about to elect new vanarchs to oversee each province in the federation, and I’m not seeing enough excitement. We need heroes who’ll inspire us. Strong, wise leadership is the key to victory over our enemies!

The recruiting posters for the war on Kaiator’s walls inspire me, so let’s have a contest. Make posters for your favorite vanarch candidates and write something that convinces me they’re worthy to lead. The Valkyon Federation will choose the most powerful posters and put them on our front page for all to see.

Our soldiers on the front lines can’t do this alone. We need the provinces behind the lines supporting us. If you believe in your candidates, stand up for them! Let’s make this election mean something.

For the full set of rules and instructions please follow the Source link above.