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Notable Changes and Fixes

  • Nexus times have changed to be more accommodating to all players. All weekday and Saturday times that were 5 p.m. are now 6 p.m. The Sunday 5 p.m. time remains. The schedule is as follows:
    • Sunday noon
    • Sunday 5 p.m.
    • Monday 6 p.m.
    • Tuesday noon
    • Wednesday 6 p.m.
    • Thursday noon
    • Friday 6 p.m.
    • Friday 9 p.m.
    • Saturday 6 p.m.
    • Saturday 9 p.m.
  • The cooldown timer for joining a guild has moved back to seven days.
  • The crafting quests have improved clarity and grammar.
  • The text on the Argon Corpus teleport scroll describes the destination better.
  • Nexus shards are now labeled according to zone.
  • Regent’s armor tooltips now state which class the armor is intended for.

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Cool New Stuff

  • Battlegrounds are now available!
  • Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking on the button in the Social menu or the button under your compass.
  • If you’re part of a 15-person raid group, the game matches you against other 15-person raid groups.
  • If you’re alone or part of a smaller party, the game assembles a 15-person team and matches you against other randomly assembled teams.
  • Your team wins the match by earning 5,000 points or having the most points when time runs out.
  • You earn 5 points for killing an enemy player.
  • You earn 200 points for capturing a base.
  • If you control more bases than the other team, you earn additional points every second:
  • 3 points/second if you control one more base
  • 5 points/second if you control two more bases
  • 7 points/second if you control all three bases
  • You earn 600 points for killing the naga BAM, 50 points for killing the rock BAM, and 10 points for killing a normal monster. The monsters also provide buffs when killed.
  • Become a battleground leader by selecting “Able to lead the battle” during the matching process.
    • Battleground leaders can launch meteors that damage enemies and slow their movement.
    • They can also make location scans that show enemies on the map.
  • Bandages, bombs, campfires, teleport scrolls, and scrolls that provide buffs do not function in battlegrounds. Food and potions that grant HP or MP or improve HP/MP regeneration likewise do not function.
  • Guild-versus-guild/Vanarch GvG is not active while in battlegrounds.
  • Your individual score will be calculated as the match goes.
    • 300 points for a kill
    • 150 points for an assist on a kill
    • 500 for capturing a base
  • At the battle’s end, you earn Bellicarium credits based on victory/loss and your individual score in that battle.
    • Randomly assembled raids earn 80 credits if they won and 30 credits if they lost.
    • Pre-assembled raids earn 35 credits if they won and 15 credits if they lost.
    • You also earn 1 percent of your individual score as credits. This bonus is capped at 50 for randomly assembled raids and 30 for pre-assembled raids.
    • Use the credits to buy useful items from battleground reputation vendors.
  • You can also buy Bounties of the Fray for victories; they randomly provide enchantment-related consumables, battleground gear, and Muhrak Black Label gloves and boots.
  • You must compete in ten battlegrounds to be ranked. Battleground records are reset every 90 days, and the rankings renew every Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time.
  • Battlegrounds are always available and have a ten-minute cooldown.
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    Cool New Stuff

    • Instance matcher rewards have been implemented.
    • Players may receive a box full of random items as a reward for using instance matching.
    • Rescue Supplies: Earned if you join midway through an instance run. Includes valuables such as arunic panaceas, charms, elixirs, safe haven scrolls, and scrolls of resurrection.
    • Valkyon’s Response: Earned if you complete the instance. Includes arunic panaceas, safe haven scrolls, charms, and various crystals.
  • Higher-level dungeons have better random rewards. You can receive both boxes in the same instance run.
  • Bugs Squashed

    • The following quest items can now be removed from inventory: outlaw declaration manual, dowsing rods. If you hate rebels and underground water sources, this is the best bug-fix ever.
    • The achievement for the “A Cautionary Tale” quest has been eliminated.

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    Cool New Stuff

    • Guild vs. Guild (GvG) competition has been added to the political system. And you thought politics was cutthroat before…
    • Would-be vanarchs select either “Voting” or “GvG Competition” when they register as candidates. Two provinces on each continent have been reserved for vanarch GvG and up to 50 guilds can register.
    • When the competition phase begins, the guilds of candidates who selected GvG enter a modified GvG battle with the other guilds on that continent that also have candidates who chose GvG.
    • The vanarch GvG battles last one week. Only kills scored on characters level 40 and up count, and the points a guild can earn from defeating a specific other guild has been capped.
    • Players in candidate guilds can check their current vanarch GvG points, but not the point totals of their competitors.
    • The two guilds with the most points on each continent get to rule.
    • The warrior class can now choose to be offense or defense in the instance dungeon matching system.
    • Warriors who choose defense automatically receive a buff when entering the dungeon. This is a temporary buff that will be gradually reduced with each patch until we update the planned improvements to tanking skills for the warrior.
    • 30 percent decrease in damage received.
    • 40 percent increase in aggro acquired.
    • 70 percent increase in endurance.

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    Cool New Stuff

    • Guild-versus-guild battles are now available on PvE servers.
    • Under the GvG tab in the Guild menu, the guild master has control of a toggle between a “Pacifist” and “Battle Ready” state. The toggle has a four-hour cooldown.
    • A GvG battle can be initiated when both guilds are set to “Battle Ready.”
    • The item to start battles is available from the Shadow Merchant.
    • Players applying to a guild will be notified of the guild’s state and whether they are embroiled in GvG battles.
  • On PvP servers, the Outlaw skill now toggles. When you turn it on, it will stay on until you toggle it off.
  • Custom emotes now function with the /e command, and emotes now add text to the Say (/s) chat channel. Let the drama commence!
  • Various chat window abuses are no longer possible.
  • +12 weapons now glow red and look generally bad-ass. As they should.
  • Continue reading for the full list of patch notes.

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    Bugs Squashed

    • This week’s maintenance time was spent cleaning up the election halls for the upcoming vanarch elections. While sprucing up, we also washed away a couple dozen more bugs, including some odd characters like brackets and slashes hanging around in our dye timers and quests. If you continue to see odd characters, you might be hanging out in the wrong part of town.
    • Typos and doubled words were removed from other quests. An incorrect NPC name was fixed in The Long Goodbye quest. We corrected a creature name in The Angry Forest quest, and the location listed in the Rescue the Core quest.

    Known Issues

    • Popori pranksters have been caught playing with teleportal buttons. Please do not be alarmed by swapped labels on these buttons. The teleportals will deliver you to the right location despite any mislabeled buttons.

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    Bugs Squashed

    • Addressed the issue that was causing recent server instability. No duct tape required.
    • Fixed the issue that was preventing the use of two periods in a user name.


    • Reduced the minimum number of channels on the Island of Dawn to five. That’s at least five chances to find and kill Vekas!
    • Reduced the minimum number of channels in areas surrounding Velika and Allemantheia from eight to four.
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    • Note: TERA adds channels automatically based on player population, so the number of active channels will often be above the minimum.