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Originally posted by Scapes (Source)

Greetings, fellow soldiers! Tamur, Kaiator’s force commander, here. We’re about to elect new vanarchs to oversee each province in the federation, and I’m not seeing enough excitement. We need heroes who’ll inspire us. Strong, wise leadership is the key to victory over our enemies!

The recruiting posters for the war on Kaiator’s walls inspire me, so let’s have a contest. Make posters for your favorite vanarch candidates and write something that convinces me they’re worthy to lead. The Valkyon Federation will choose the most powerful posters and put them on our front page for all to see.

Our soldiers on the front lines can’t do this alone. We need the provinces behind the lines supporting us. If you believe in your candidates, stand up for them! Let’s make this election mean something.

For the full set of rules and instructions please follow the Source link above.

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TERA launching with instance matching has made it a breeze to find groups for dungeons as long as your are willing to wait for one. It isn’t until you get down to the small nuances of instance matching that the problems start to surface. One in particular annoying problem is group management, or lack of, after you or your group has queued into the instance matching system. Group members getting stuck in groups, abuse of the kick system, unable to invite outside people after queuing for an instance, and inappropriate lockout timers are some of the issues springing up. The forums seem to agree as noted here:

I have done Fane multiple times, and I do great DPS and know my class, I’ve never had trouble completing this instance. I consider it to be quite simple actually (on normal). So I ask, “Why?”. He simply says leave the group or he will just go afk.

So the group kicks me.

I waited an hour to get in to this dungeon for that? This is absolutely not conducive to the enjoyment of the game. This is downright abusive behavior and I’m not going to make generalizations and say that all Lancers are idiots like this one, but it’s easy to see how being a Lancer provides the opportunity for them to ruin the enjoyment of the game for other people.

There needs to be a kick block in place that actually works (not like WoW’s system) right off the bat of the instance…or something needs to be done about Lancer abuse. I wish I had any ideas but I need some time to think about it, all I know is this is unacceptable behavior that should be either moderated or somehow tuned to be obliterated.


Like many features in TERA the base system is in place, but the ball is in EnMasse’s court to get it polished and working better for everyone. In the mean time, try and queue with friends or guild members that won’t kick you out for no reason, and have the patience to deal with the problems in order to get the instance completed.

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Enmasse Studios treated us to the release of their Premium Services and Novelty Item cash shop this week. They have a ton of services that have been around the MMORPG arena for some time now. These changes are:

  • Name Change Voucher – Sometimes naming your character after a few beers is not the best time.
  • Appearance Voucher – Get back into the character creator and re-design your Popori’s tail.
  • Gender Change Voucher – No one will judge you.
  • Race Change Voucher – Your back hurting you? Maybe you should of rolled a Castanic.

Each service is progressively more expensive, which make sense. A race change lets you do change your appearance, race and gender, a gender change lets you change both your gender and appearance. There has been much frothiness over on the official forums where many are complaining about the prices. To us, the prices seem normal compared to World of Warcraft’s offerings.

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Get it while it’s hot!  The North American version of Tera Online is on sale right now on for 50% off! You can nab a standard digital copy for a mere $24.99, or spring $5 more and get the digital collectors edition for $29.99, which includes the Frostlion mount (the fastest mount until 60) and some jewelry goodies. Not only that, but anyone who orders from Amazon between 5/19 – 5/28 gets a free exclusive Olive Bandit Mask.

And if you are feeling left out because you ordered from Amazon before this promotion, don’t feel bad. In a classy move, Amazon has announced anyone who purchased the game from Amazon Digital Download prior to this promotion will also receive the mask as a gift as well.

If you have been debating on picking up a copy of Tera, now would be the perfect time to do it. Elections for Vanarch Candidates started last night, and more content is on its way in upcoming patches, including Nexus Raids and new dungeons. This promotion is probably a limited time deal, so you might want to get your copy soon. And remember, anyone who purchases and subscribes to Tera before 5/31 also gets the Golden Dragon Weapon Skins as a free gift!

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Love it or hate it, the Tera Cash Shop is here to stay.  So far it’s only been cosmetic items, which most players are okay with.  At the end of the month, we are all getting the Gold Weapon Skin Pack as a free gift when we subscribe to Tera past our free 30 days, and there is also the recent release of the Prestige Weapon Skin models available in the cash shop.

A newly released 3rd model set just hit the Korean Tera store.  It is definitely going for a comedy look as you can see from the slingshot for the Archer, Wrenches for the Warrior, or the Teddy for the Sorcerer.  We just may see them make our way here to NA and EU servers soon, if the past is any indicator.

So what do you guys think of the new weapon models?  Anyone plan on purchasing any of these should they become available here?  Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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En Masse has created threads on the Official Forums to give people a space to explain why they should be a Vanarch. Each server has their own Public Debate thread that is stickied at the top. So if you are interested in following the politics of your server and want to get to know the candidates, follow the links below.

Valley of Titans: Public Debate
Serpentis Isle: Public Debate
Jagged Coast: Public Debate
Frost Reach: Public Debate
Freeholds: Public Debate
Feral Valley: Public Debate
Dragonfall: Public Debate
Celestial Hills: Public Debate
Blightwood: Public Debate
Basilisk Crag: Public Debate
Arachnaea: Public Debate

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Ahh, the many flavors of Tera.  Most MMO’s boil down to targeting a mob, and clicking abilities which all are pretty much the same, with just a different animation and different amount of damage.  Tera breaks this mold, with it’s promoted “True-Action Combat”, and each class is almost a different gameplay experience from one another.

One of the most common questions asked by people new to Tera, is which class is right for me?  Coming from other MMO’s, there are some similarities to your traditional fantasy classes, but they all play widely different, due to the combat system.  Today in Part 2, we look at the rest of the classes in Tera, the DPS classes.

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Just a reminder to all of you aspiring Vanarchs: Registration is now open for elections. Voting will start in one week. In order to register you must be at least level 50, a leader of guild with at least 20 member, and pay of fee of 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach awards. The above screenshots shows the registration page and what to expect.

If you wish to publicize and get the vote out for your candidacy please send an email to and we will help on your way to power.

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Bugs Squashed

  • This week’s maintenance time was spent cleaning up the election halls for the upcoming vanarch elections. While sprucing up, we also washed away a couple dozen more bugs, including some odd characters like brackets and slashes hanging around in our dye timers and quests. If you continue to see odd characters, you might be hanging out in the wrong part of town.
  • Typos and doubled words were removed from other quests. An incorrect NPC name was fixed in The Long Goodbye quest. We corrected a creature name in The Angry Forest quest, and the location listed in the Rescue the Core quest.

Known Issues

  • Popori pranksters have been caught playing with teleportal buttons. Please do not be alarmed by swapped labels on these buttons. The teleportals will deliver you to the right location despite any mislabeled buttons.

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Shortly after Tera’s launch, En Masse announced that everyone that purchases and subscribes to Tera before 5/31, will receive a free set of Golden Dragon Weapon Skins to deck out their characters. We should see them show up in game right around the beginning of June.  Once they become active, you can claim them from your Item Claim option in game, and will be able to claim as many of them as you want for any character.

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