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This morning we find a new interview by Senior Producer Brian Knox who sits down with to discuss a large, varied array of questions. Here’s a quick preview of what was discussed.

Dualshockers: There are a few areas of the world that are fully built but include no NPCs, enemies or playable content. An example is Velika Outskirts. Do you have anything planned to make those areas more dynamic?

Brian Knox: That is a very timely question. We are actually adding some interesting props and materials in and around Velika in the future. We hope that these can be used for more community events and interaction.

Read the rest of the interview over at Dualshockers.

Date: Jun 19, 2012  |  Written by Jason Dodge  |  Posted Under: News  |  DISQUS With Us: No comments yet has a fantastic article talking about some upcoming changes to the Political System and electing Vanarchs. Instead of just voting for who you want in (this is for the weak!) you can battle for supremacy!

As originally conceived, a player seeking vanarch status had two paths to the office—campaigning and conquest—with the latter requiring candidates and their guilds to distinguish themselves through battleground play. While revisions to the battlegrounds aren’t quite ready, we are happy to announce that we’ve found a way to put the fight back in political infighting!

In the revised system, candidates will select a continent as usual, but they will also select a competition type. If they choose a straight election, they’ll rank their preferred provinces and then begin campaigning for votes. If they choose to fight for the right to rule, they’ll rank their provinces, and then their guild enters a modified guild-versus-guild (GvG) PvP battle with all other candidates’ guilds on that continent.

When the competition phase begins, all members of other eligible guilds become targets. But instead of a normal 24-hour fight, vanarch GvG is a weeklong affair. We’ve set some limitations: only kills scored on characters level 40 and up count, and there’s a cap on the points your guild can earn from a single guild’s members per day. Vanarch GvG doesn’t replace normal GvG battles (those are still declared and resolved as usual), and even though you earn no points for lower-level characters in rival guilds, they’re still on the hit list.

Read the rest of the journal over at

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Forum user Obba posted a video on the official forums and some tips for Balder Temple HM. We found that this video was pretty helpful that we wanted to share it with all of our readers. Here are his tips:

  • 1st Boss, you need to be closer than 8m ALL THE TIME. Or you’ll die with random coconut throws like hour poor healer did T-T. So for long ranges, keep closer to the mob.
  • 2nd Boss(Green Kumas), nothing special. Just dodge the trees. Only one thing to aware of is when he uses blue firebreath. If hes using the firebreath, everyone use their stun/sleep. If you fail, hes gonna jump backward. And it goes through lancers block. They could die even with t12 +9.
  • 2nd Boss(Red Kumas), same. nothing special. 2 things to aware of. If msg comes out saying kumas gathering power blah blah. Everyone use stun/sleep. If you fail, kumas gets electric on his head. Then EVERYONE falls far back. Thats when the random targetting attack starts. Lancer stays and block tho. nothing to worry about for lancer.
  • 3rd Boss(Blue Kumas), Just need to dodge balls. Once you get locked, go into the middle and start walking towards any poles. If it locks on kumas, run towards opposite side where the kumas is. For emitter(Under 30%), dps and healer can stay near the middle and find the spot to dodge. Lancer tank at where i put the campfire.
  • Last Boss, nothing special. starts timer at 35%. Make sure lancer’s armor break goes in atleast once before the cannon. And DO NOT DIE!! If laser locks on you, get closer than 10m. Then just walk sideway. No need to jump or anything unless you are further than 10m.

Keep reading to watch the full video, you can’t miss this one! Leave comments here or the official forums if you have any questions.

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TERA has created a place where you can track polls across all servers. If you’re not in-game, but trying to figure out who to vote for, it’s a great place to browse through all of the candidates and read their statements.

You can find this page here.

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Politics is a tough business and you always need to keep your name in the headlines. This ad above is found on and is one way to get your name out there! If you find any other crazy political ads out there, let us know so we can show them off!

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Originally posted by Charger (Source)

Hey guys,

We know there’s a lack of rare crystals and are working on a couple of solutions to get them into the game in the near future. I don’t want to go into specifics until we finalize exactly what we’re doing and get the build in house to test, but expect to hear more on this in the very near future (1-2 weeks max).


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Following in the tradition of other Junkies Nation sites, such as Rift Junkies and Guildwars2 Junkies, TES Junkies is a premiere fansite, run by hardcore fans for all fans. We will be dedicated to bringing you all the guides, news, and up-to-date happenings of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online just began their media campaign and has finally come under public light. The game is set to launch some time in 2013 and we’ll be here to make sure you know all about the game as we find out more about it.

TESJunkies is brought to you by Ryan Raplee and Jason Dodge, owners of Rerollz Media LLC. Rerollz Media is the owner of Junkies Nation and it’s affiliated network of fansites including,,,


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Originally posted by Charger (Source)

For masterwork items, when you seal and unseal an item you have a chance to either get a 1%, 2% or 3% attribute bonus. This is why ya’ll are seeing differences in the base stats and attributes.

When we were digging into this more, we found that some weapons don’t have a 1% bonus, but instead only do 2% or 3%. We’ve started tracking this as a bug and BHS is looking into it now.


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Interesting topic of conversation started up on the official forums about why there were so few Lancers in the game. The author posted a animated gif of a Hyena jumping through a lancer’s shield to end up on the other side of him while the lancer moves back and forth trying to get a hit in. This was the author’s reason why his Lancer leveled so slowly. However this led to more of a general hatred for Hyenas!

As a lancer that soloed 90%+ of my way to 60 I do have to say there isn’t a single mob that I hate more than those f***ing hyenas. I’ve got a sorcerer alt that I’m thinking of using to do nothing but blow up hyenas as she levels up.

Other points came up from leveling times and dps numbers for leveling purposes. However, we agreed with the first derail of the thread: we hate Hyenas to! What NPCs do you hate the most or are you such a badass that it doesn’t matter!

Let us know in the comments.

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Cool New Stuff

  • Guild-versus-guild battles are now available on PvE servers.
  • Under the GvG tab in the Guild menu, the guild master has control of a toggle between a “Pacifist” and “Battle Ready” state. The toggle has a four-hour cooldown.
  • A GvG battle can be initiated when both guilds are set to “Battle Ready.”
  • The item to start battles is available from the Shadow Merchant.
  • Players applying to a guild will be notified of the guild’s state and whether they are embroiled in GvG battles.
  • On PvP servers, the Outlaw skill now toggles. When you turn it on, it will stay on until you toggle it off.
  • Custom emotes now function with the /e command, and emotes now add text to the Say (/s) chat channel. Let the drama commence!
  • Various chat window abuses are no longer possible.
  • +12 weapons now glow red and look generally bad-ass. As they should.
  • Continue reading for the full list of patch notes.

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