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S01E17 Title Screen

This week we have some fun discussing some post drama shenanigans with Aneu, GM of VotF and AGM Evoex of LotD. Along with our discussion about the ascendance of Blackgate and the downfall of Sea of Sorrows we discuss the future of the game and touch a little on ArcheAge.

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JN Logo not round

You may of noticed a new URL of this website up in the navigation bar! We’ve transitioned to a new network where all of our fansites are on the same domain. This doesn’t change anything for you externally but helps those of us who bring you new content organize things better. This is only the beginning and we plan on bring you, the fans, some exciting new things that will include a brand new website called which will cover everything from MMORPGs and the lifestyle that comes with them (yes, that means Cheetos, Mountain Dew and comic books).

For now sit tight and keep enjoying the daily content you get from our writers. For us, we’ll get back to work. If you see any problems or issues, please send all feedback to Ryan Raplee at

Cheers everyone!

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You’ll see everyone getting in the festive mood when our holiday decorations go up at noon on December 4. We know there’s more to the season than trees and decorations, though, so stay tuned for more details on the rest of the holiday festivities!

  • New items are available that drop from open-world BAMs in Veritas District, Val Tirkai, Helkan District, and Val Kaeli.
    • Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
      • Used to change an item’s bonus options only.
      • Usable only on unenchantable, equippable items:
        • Rings
        • Earrings
        • Unenchantable Weapons
        • Unenchantable Armor
      • To use, move the item you wish to change into inventory, right-click on the scroll, left-click the item, then click the green arrow next to the bonus option you want to change.
      • This item can be traded or stored in a personal or guild bank. You cannot destroy it or sell it to a merchant.
    • Complete Crystalbind Scroll
      • Protects crystals from breaking on any death for 12 hours. Half a day to die is way better than half a day to live!
      • This effect supersedes both crystalbind and Rookie’s crystalbind.
      • The complete crystalbind effect lasts 12 in-game hours. You can activate a complete crystalbind every 12 real hours. If you activate a new complete crystalbind while an existing complete crystalbind has time left, the duration resets to 12 in-game hours.
      • This item can be traded or stored in a personal or guild bank. You can destroy it but cannot sell it to a merchant. Merchants boycott these things because they’re in the crystal-selling business.
  • Three new dungeon rookie buffs have been added (because 25 percent more loot isn’t reason enough to group with some people):
    • Rookie’s Crystalbind
      • Protects crystals from breaking upon death.
      • One-time use; disappears once activated, so keep your dying to a minimum.
      • Does not stack with crystalbind or complete crystalbind.
      • All party members grouped with a rookie receive the buff.
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode.
    • Rookie’s Oversight
      • Can resurrect at the location of death once. After that, you’ll have to sweet-talk your healer.
      • One-time use; disappears once activated.
      • Does not stack with the mystic’s Vow of Rebirth buff.
      • Applies to only the rookie (or n00b , if you prefer).
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode.
    • Rookie’s Fervor
      • Attack power increases by 12 percent.
      • Does not stack with canephora potion.
      • Applies to all party members grouped with a rookie.
      • Does not apply to Manaya’s Core in hard mode or Argon Corpus in hard mode. You’ll have to handle Manaya the hard way.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The tier 14 items have been removed from challenger’s aide, the losers’ box from the battlegrounds, and have been replaced by greater charms.
  • Semi-enigmatic scrolls and complete crystalbinds have been added to the possible drops from victor’s spoils, the winners’ box from the battlegrounds.

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed the problem of outlaw-declared characters HP bar being displayed in blue. Blood on their hands, blood red on their HP bar.
  • Account-based mounts can now be discarded.
  • Fixed the problem of Party Disband not functioning while all other party members are offline.

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Greetings Tera Junkies!

We’re looking to build up a writing staff for If you are interested in assisting in the operation of TERA-Junkies by writing guides, reporting news and blogging about TERA please let us know! We are currently looking for people that can write a few times a week and manage a schedule.

  • Blogging
  • News and Notes
  • Tips and Tricks
  • PVE and PVP Guides

If you wish to only blog or write on any of the subjects please contact with any interest!

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Notable Changes and Fixes

  • Nexus times have changed to be more accommodating to all players. All weekday and Saturday times that were 5 p.m. are now 6 p.m. The Sunday 5 p.m. time remains. The schedule is as follows:
    • Sunday noon
    • Sunday 5 p.m.
    • Monday 6 p.m.
    • Tuesday noon
    • Wednesday 6 p.m.
    • Thursday noon
    • Friday 6 p.m.
    • Friday 9 p.m.
    • Saturday 6 p.m.
    • Saturday 9 p.m.
  • The cooldown timer for joining a guild has moved back to seven days.
  • The crafting quests have improved clarity and grammar.
  • The text on the Argon Corpus teleport scroll describes the destination better.
  • Nexus shards are now labeled according to zone.
  • Regent’s armor tooltips now state which class the armor is intended for.

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The New Servers

  • Mount Tyrannas will be the new PvP server.
  • Tempest Reach will be the new PvE server.
  • Celestial Hills remains the PvE RP server.

Character Deletion

  • If you decide to delete a character level six or higher, the deletion has a seven-day waiting period. You can delete characters level five or lower instantly.

Political System

  • The current system has been reset, and registrations for the new political cycle will begin on Friday, September 21 at 6 p.m. PDT.


  • Battleground leaderboards are being wiped and the ranking calculations will employ a new formula. Seasons now last 28 days instead of 90 days, but the rankings will still be updated every Tuesday at 6 a.m.

    • Battleground Win: +20
    • Battleground Loss: -15
    • Kill: +1
    • Death: -1
    • Assist: +2

The timer for Deserter’s Shame has been extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Scoring and Credit Changes:

  • The Naga Reaver’s team point value has been changed from 600 to 400.
  • Winning a premade match is now worth 50 Bellicarium credits.


  • Veritas, Lorcada, and Val Tirkai provinces are increasing to a minimum of three channels.

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Originally posted by Minea (Source)

Hello, folks! As we work towards next week’s server merges, we have more details on some of the most asked questions and new information to share. We will continue to update you as more become available. We are excited for the positive changes it will create and our ability to be more interactive with our community.

In addition, the server merge process will free up the dormant names that have not been used since Open Beta Test. We also have a comprehensive FAQ page on server merges for quick and easy answers.

Name Appeal Process & Cosmetic Items

We have created a name appeal process that will help folks who are concerned with the character and guild names. We will publish the criteria after the server merge to prevent potential abusing, but please be assured that there will be an appeal process where this concern will be addressed based on several factors. As for the cosmetic items on extra characters outside of the 8 character slots, we want to do what’s fair and right, and will handle these on case by case basis with our Support team.

Character Slots and 7-day Timer for Level 6+ Characters

If you have more than 8 characters, you will need to choose 8 characters you wish to keep. There is no timer to delete the character that are level 5 or lower, but characters with higher levels will be put under a 7-day timer. If you have items that you want to keep on the extra characters, you can utilize the 7-day timer to organize inventory space and gold. You can put the level 6 and up character you want to keep under the 7-day timer, and log into the character you won’t be using in the future to transfer items/gold. After you’ve sorted them out, you can log out to the character screen, delete the character you won’t be using, then cancel the 7-day timer for the character you actually want to keep. As long as the extra characters are under the 7-day timer or are already deleted, you will be able to log in and play.

Still, we encourage everyone to sort everything out before the merge to avoid unnecessary work and confusion on the day of merge, and since the characters will be gone after the 7-day timer.

Next Political Cycle Will Begin Next Week

We will be disabling the political system at 6PM PDT tomorrow (Thursday, 9/13/12). This is to prevent the new registration period kicking in on Friday as we prepare for the server merges next week. We will be actively refunding the gold and Catharnach awards for the current vanarchs since their term got cut short, and the uncollected taxes will be mailed automatically.

Another point to note is that until new vanarchs are elected, we will manually enable all vanarch vendors in all zones for your convenience.

Celestial Hills is included in these changes so that all servers will have the same political cycles.

Known Issues

On the character select screen, sometimes the nameplate of a character shifts its location or fall off from the designated spot above the character’s head. But it does not have a functional impact such as preventing the character from entering the world, etc.

When replying to an in-game mail, the player cannot write a message back to the sender if the sender has changed his/her name. Parcels will be received correctly and COD’s will work as well.

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Cool New Stuff

  • Battlegrounds are now available!
  • Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking on the button in the Social menu or the button under your compass.
  • If you’re part of a 15-person raid group, the game matches you against other 15-person raid groups.
  • If you’re alone or part of a smaller party, the game assembles a 15-person team and matches you against other randomly assembled teams.
  • Your team wins the match by earning 5,000 points or having the most points when time runs out.
  • You earn 5 points for killing an enemy player.
  • You earn 200 points for capturing a base.
  • If you control more bases than the other team, you earn additional points every second:
  • 3 points/second if you control one more base
  • 5 points/second if you control two more bases
  • 7 points/second if you control all three bases
  • You earn 600 points for killing the naga BAM, 50 points for killing the rock BAM, and 10 points for killing a normal monster. The monsters also provide buffs when killed.
  • Become a battleground leader by selecting “Able to lead the battle” during the matching process.
    • Battleground leaders can launch meteors that damage enemies and slow their movement.
    • They can also make location scans that show enemies on the map.
  • Bandages, bombs, campfires, teleport scrolls, and scrolls that provide buffs do not function in battlegrounds. Food and potions that grant HP or MP or improve HP/MP regeneration likewise do not function.
  • Guild-versus-guild/Vanarch GvG is not active while in battlegrounds.
  • Your individual score will be calculated as the match goes.
    • 300 points for a kill
    • 150 points for an assist on a kill
    • 500 for capturing a base
  • At the battle’s end, you earn Bellicarium credits based on victory/loss and your individual score in that battle.
    • Randomly assembled raids earn 80 credits if they won and 30 credits if they lost.
    • Pre-assembled raids earn 35 credits if they won and 15 credits if they lost.
    • You also earn 1 percent of your individual score as credits. This bonus is capped at 50 for randomly assembled raids and 30 for pre-assembled raids.
    • Use the credits to buy useful items from battleground reputation vendors.
  • You can also buy Bounties of the Fray for victories; they randomly provide enchantment-related consumables, battleground gear, and Muhrak Black Label gloves and boots.
  • You must compete in ten battlegrounds to be ranked. Battleground records are reset every 90 days, and the rankings renew every Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time.
  • Battlegrounds are always available and have a ten-minute cooldown.
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    Cool New Stuff

    • Berserker skills adjusted. (Just the skills—berserkers are still totally maladjusted.)
      • Thunder Strike

        • Decreased charging time for ranks 1–3 to 0.8 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
        • Decreased charging time for ranks 4–9 to 0.65 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
        • Damage from overcharging every 0.45 seconds
      • Cyclone
        • Decreased charging time for ranks 1–3 to 0.8 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
        • Decreased charging time for ranks 4–9 to 0.65 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
        • Damage from overcharging every 0.4 seconds
      • Vampiric Blow
        • Decreased charging time to 0.8 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
      • Lethal Strike
        • Decreased charging time to 0.8 seconds (maintains full charge for 2 seconds)
      • Unchained Anger
        • Reduced hit point cost

          • Rank 1 : 748 to 640
          • Rank 2 : 1,350 to 884
          • Rank 3 : 2,303 to 1,221
          • Rank 4 : 3,784 to 1,685
          • Rank 5 : 6,467 to 2,329
          • Rank 6 : 10,198 to 3,261
      • Skill Added: Cyclone Intensity
        • Obtained at level 26
        • Cyclone deals full damage, even across multiple targets.
        • Passive
    • Added new gear drops for Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard).
      • Bind-on-pickup weapons of similar power to the dreamkeeper series:
      • Fire Talons, Ice Talons (warrior)
      • Emberspar, Frostspar (lancer)
      • Flamewright, Frostwright (slayer)
      • Firewing, Icewing (berserker)
      • Flamecoil, Frostcoil (sorcerer)
      • Firebow, Icebow (archer)
      • Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Ice (priest)
      • Emberneedle, Rimetorch (mystic)

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    Who doesn’t like free stuff? Sign up for the TERA Newsletter and get a cool new mask for your character.

    To celebrate the launch of our first monthly newsletter on Friday, July 27, we’re giving away Black Bandit Masks to current TERA newsletter subscribers (with active TERA subscriptions). Just a little something to show our appreciation for our players. To make certain you’re signed up, follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to and log into your TERA account.

    2. Click the Profile Management link at the top of the page.

    3. Under Notification Preferences, select Yes, then click Update.

    That’s it. Simple! Your item code will be included in the next issue of the newsletter, along with instructions for redeeming it.

    Head over to the official website for more information.

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