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We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Junkies Nation Network: Final Fantasy XIV Junkies! In our long-standing tradition of launching and covering the latest and greatest MMORPGs, we bring to you what we hope will be the cornerstone of the FFXIV news and guide community! We will tirelessly dedicate ourselves to bringing you the latest in news, guides, articles and community coverage; when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV info, look no further!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be nothing less than a crowning jewel in the MMORPG-scape. Featuring an all-new world designed from the ground up, Square-Enix has over looked nothing in the rerelease of this flagship installment of its Final Fantasy franchise. From it’s new and robust combat system, to it’s chocobo breeding system and player housing; FFXIV:ARR will have something for everyone.

A new world filled with Moogles, magic, chocobos and Magitek armor await you and we here at FFXIV Junkies will be there every step of the way with you. Be it exploring the depths of the deepest dungeons, taking down Ifrit or just decorating your player housing, we’ll be here with all the latest news and information in this realm reborn.

So please, be sure to bookmark us and follow us on twitter!

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Greetings Tera Junkies!

We’re looking to build up a writing staff for If you are interested in assisting in the operation of TERA-Junkies by writing guides, reporting news and blogging about TERA please let us know! We are currently looking for people that can write a few times a week and manage a schedule.

  • Blogging
  • News and Notes
  • Tips and Tricks
  • PVE and PVP Guides

If you wish to only blog or write on any of the subjects please contact with any interest!

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Originally posted by Minea (Source)

Hello, folks! As we work towards next week’s server merges, we have more details on some of the most asked questions and new information to share. We will continue to update you as more become available. We are excited for the positive changes it will create and our ability to be more interactive with our community.

In addition, the server merge process will free up the dormant names that have not been used since Open Beta Test. We also have a comprehensive FAQ page on server merges for quick and easy answers.

Name Appeal Process & Cosmetic Items

We have created a name appeal process that will help folks who are concerned with the character and guild names. We will publish the criteria after the server merge to prevent potential abusing, but please be assured that there will be an appeal process where this concern will be addressed based on several factors. As for the cosmetic items on extra characters outside of the 8 character slots, we want to do what’s fair and right, and will handle these on case by case basis with our Support team.

Character Slots and 7-day Timer for Level 6+ Characters

If you have more than 8 characters, you will need to choose 8 characters you wish to keep. There is no timer to delete the character that are level 5 or lower, but characters with higher levels will be put under a 7-day timer. If you have items that you want to keep on the extra characters, you can utilize the 7-day timer to organize inventory space and gold. You can put the level 6 and up character you want to keep under the 7-day timer, and log into the character you won’t be using in the future to transfer items/gold. After you’ve sorted them out, you can log out to the character screen, delete the character you won’t be using, then cancel the 7-day timer for the character you actually want to keep. As long as the extra characters are under the 7-day timer or are already deleted, you will be able to log in and play.

Still, we encourage everyone to sort everything out before the merge to avoid unnecessary work and confusion on the day of merge, and since the characters will be gone after the 7-day timer.

Next Political Cycle Will Begin Next Week

We will be disabling the political system at 6PM PDT tomorrow (Thursday, 9/13/12). This is to prevent the new registration period kicking in on Friday as we prepare for the server merges next week. We will be actively refunding the gold and Catharnach awards for the current vanarchs since their term got cut short, and the uncollected taxes will be mailed automatically.

Another point to note is that until new vanarchs are elected, we will manually enable all vanarch vendors in all zones for your convenience.

Celestial Hills is included in these changes so that all servers will have the same political cycles.

Known Issues

On the character select screen, sometimes the nameplate of a character shifts its location or fall off from the designated spot above the character’s head. But it does not have a functional impact such as preventing the character from entering the world, etc.

When replying to an in-game mail, the player cannot write a message back to the sender if the sender has changed his/her name. Parcels will be received correctly and COD’s will work as well.

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Off the heels of RIFT, Tera is launching their own leaderboards. The Tera leaderboards track Dungeons, Elections and Guild Battles. In a game with intense action you always need a way to keep a high score to brag about.

Follow the state of politics in the Vanarch Elections section. Learn about each server’s candidates, read their platforms, and track their popularity.

If you prefer bloodier conflicts, see the Guild Battles section. Discover the top 100 guilds in TERA. Refine your plans for world domination. Push your guild into the top three to win a spot on the leaderboard banners.

Show off your personal abilities in the Dungeon Leaderboards section. Learn who’s finished each dungeon in hard mode, and how often. Bump others off the list. Build your raiding dream team.

Soon you won’t even have to make it into the top 100 to see where you stand—you’ll be able to view your personal rankings on the leaderboards just by logging into your account.

You can find the leaderboards here. Go out an compete!

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Today we found out about a new Chronoscrolls promotion En Masse is holding along with’s Game Connect service. Here’s all the details:

We’ve partnered with to sell TERA chronoscrolls through’s Game Connect service—and we’re offering you a reward for trying it out. When you use Amazon to buy a chronoscroll, which you can redeem for a month of game time or sell for gold at the in-game broker, your chronoscroll appears in your in-game Item Claim automatically. No need to enter a separate code!

If you integrate your En Masse account with your Amazon account in the next 30 days, you’ll also be eligible for our “federation field kit” full of goodies—free of charge—just for linking your accounts. All you need to do is add the federation field kit (it’s the item button on the far right side) to your cart (for $0). When was the last time you bought something for free?

Link up with Amazon’s Game Connect and get access to chronoscrolls, a field kit…and perhaps more items as we expand the partnership in the future. Check out the + TERA FAQ, and connect with Game Connect today!

Read the full news article here.

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Upcoming Patches:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

Zerker fix will happen just not with this next update.

Summer Fun:

Originally posted by Knoxxer (Source)

We have a plan for the swimsuits but probably will be in August. Hopefully we can get you the details in mid-July.

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An interesting announcement was made today on the official page regarding a new community event! It appears that EME is going to be hosting an event to find creatures and recover their eggs that have crystals and other cool treasures inside!

Centuries ago, a vast trove of magical eggs vanished from Sikander‘s vaults while he slumbered. Priests blamed rival gods, the gods blamed greedy mortals, and the poporis simply wanted to know if the eggs tasted good. The eggs resurfaced recently, and a troop of caiman thieves seems determined to pocket the precious treasures wherever they turn up. While no one considers caimans the brightest candles on the cake, these bandits always know where to find one of the magical eggs. Why the caimans want the eggs remains anyone‘s guess, but the race is on to recover them and snatch the fabulous treasures inside.

As with all legends, details about the eggs are scarce, but everyone agrees that three grades of eggs exist—bronze, silver, and gold. Most carry potent consumables, rare crystals, or whimsical accoutrements, but rumors persist of exceptional gifts. Find the caiman thieves, defeat them, and claim these unusual treasures of Sikander for yourself!

The hunt is on!

Event Duration

  • Start: Friday, June 29, 2012
  • End: Sunday, July 8, 2012

Event Times

  • Weekdays (Monday through Friday): 5–9 p.m. PDT
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): midnight to 11:59 p.m. PDT

These appear to work like Nexus events, so keep your eyes out starting this Friday for these Sikander treasures.

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This morning we find a new interview by Senior Producer Brian Knox who sits down with to discuss a large, varied array of questions. Here’s a quick preview of what was discussed.

Dualshockers: There are a few areas of the world that are fully built but include no NPCs, enemies or playable content. An example is Velika Outskirts. Do you have anything planned to make those areas more dynamic?

Brian Knox: That is a very timely question. We are actually adding some interesting props and materials in and around Velika in the future. We hope that these can be used for more community events and interaction.

Read the rest of the interview over at Dualshockers.

Date: Jun 19, 2012  |  Written by Jason Dodge  |  Posted Under: News  |  DISQUS With Us: No comments yet has a fantastic article talking about some upcoming changes to the Political System and electing Vanarchs. Instead of just voting for who you want in (this is for the weak!) you can battle for supremacy!

As originally conceived, a player seeking vanarch status had two paths to the office—campaigning and conquest—with the latter requiring candidates and their guilds to distinguish themselves through battleground play. While revisions to the battlegrounds aren’t quite ready, we are happy to announce that we’ve found a way to put the fight back in political infighting!

In the revised system, candidates will select a continent as usual, but they will also select a competition type. If they choose a straight election, they’ll rank their preferred provinces and then begin campaigning for votes. If they choose to fight for the right to rule, they’ll rank their provinces, and then their guild enters a modified guild-versus-guild (GvG) PvP battle with all other candidates’ guilds on that continent.

When the competition phase begins, all members of other eligible guilds become targets. But instead of a normal 24-hour fight, vanarch GvG is a weeklong affair. We’ve set some limitations: only kills scored on characters level 40 and up count, and there’s a cap on the points your guild can earn from a single guild’s members per day. Vanarch GvG doesn’t replace normal GvG battles (those are still declared and resolved as usual), and even though you earn no points for lower-level characters in rival guilds, they’re still on the hit list.

Read the rest of the journal over at

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TERA has created a place where you can track polls across all servers. If you’re not in-game, but trying to figure out who to vote for, it’s a great place to browse through all of the candidates and read their statements.

You can find this page here.

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