Date: May 23, 2012  |  Written by Jason Dodge  |  Posted Under: News  |  DISQUS With Us: 1 comment

Yesterday, TERA came down for emergency unscheduled maintenance to patch an exploit discovered in the enchanting system. There were people who discovered a way to enchant their weapons from +6 to +9 bypassing the cost and failure. En Masse had this to say in response:

Originally posted by Charger (Source)

Hey all,

I want to chime in on this because this is something that everyone is clearly passionate about (as am I.) The maintenance we had early was to address the exploit to stop people from using it.

We’re currently in the exploration phase to see how widespread this exploit was, who used it, and where the items are now. Once we gather this data we’ll be taking care of it. We have to understand and be confident we’re changing the right people and equipment and not potentially punishing innocent people because we wanted a quick answer vs. the right one.

Rest assured we’ll let everyone know what we found and what actions we took in the near future.


What we need to watch out for is how accurate TERA is with their banhammer and rollbacks.

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    seems fair