Date: May 18, 2012  |  Written by Stave  |  Posted Under: Article  |  DISQUS With Us: 3 comments

Shortly after Tera’s launch, En Masse announced that everyone that purchases and subscribes to Tera before 5/31, will receive a free set of Golden Dragon Weapon Skins to deck out their characters. We should see them show up in game right around the beginning of June.  Once they become active, you can claim them from your Item Claim option in game, and will be able to claim as many of them as you want for any character.

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  • Vitaliy Grigoriychuk

    What are these skins good for? If game play is broken.
    I would be a happy customer if you reverse loot to what it was on the first day of release.
    Besides, I don’t like warrior blades textures.

  • Vitaliy Grigoriychuk

    I want
    “” King Leonidas Spartan Sword  ”" blades for warriors.

    Or “” Japanese Anime Kyouraku Shunsui Twin Sword “”.

  • guest

    lol cry more